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I currently spend my days making the digital landscape a better place as a Senior Digital Designer at MediaMonks.



Volo concept

Craftsmen of fine leather animals that are fortuitous gifts to bring your home to life.


Visual Identity, packaging and showcase website. Volo wanted the website and packaging to bring their toys to life. It was important for the website to show the variety of the products in an interactive way and especially important for the packaging to bring a feeling of reality.

PACKAGING and website

Air-holes are a feature of the packaging so it feels like the animals are in transit to their new home. The website displays the colour and style options interactively.

First letter of the name is a base shape for logo

Swarovski Crystals are used as an eyes for Volo Toys, therefore it was important to have it shown in identity


A decadent design to match Volo’s high end products, inspired by its use of the finest materials. The playful packaging, gives consumers a unique and exclusive experience.